Silk wig or lace?

Aëla offers comfortable, high-quality wigs in silk or lace (tulle).
The advantages of a silk base :
-Perfect imitation of the scalp
-Comfortable and soft to wear
-Natural look
Advantages of the lace base :
– Lightweight
– Excellent ventilation
– Invisibility
– Versatile styling
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Our 9 versatile shades have been specially chosen to suit a variety of skin tones and hair colours. Whether you’re looking for a deep, rich shade or something more subtle, we’ve got you covered.
Not sure between 2 shades? Take a photo in natural light, preferably outdoors. Make sure the photo accurately shows your skin tone and current hair colour and send us your photo via the contact form.
Our experts will carefully examine your photo and recommend the shade that suits you best!
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Our hair

Our hair is natural, ethically collected and of the highest Remy Hair quality, meaning that the cuticles are intact and that it has been cut and assembled in the same root-to-tip direction.
The density is 130%, slightly higher than normal, for a completely natural look with no “helmet” effect.
Our made-to-measure service allows you to choose your hair colour, length and texture:
Straight, wavy or curly!