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aëla’s mission is to offer you bespoke  hair toppers and wigs in natural hair to meet all your needs: cultural choices, alopecia, thin hair with or without volume or simply the desire to change your head!
We’re committed to helping you shine with a thousand hairs!


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Our story

I’m Kristell, a lover of textures and colours. After 25 years’ experience in fashion, I’ve chosen to dedicate my skills to women and their hair. After discovering the world of alopecia in 2020 and realising how difficult it was to find beautiful, natural solutions, I decided to give new meaning to my passion by sharing it with you.
It was with this in mind that I created Aëla, a company that offers hair prostheses made from natural hair that can be fully customised: textures, colours, lengths and strands to suit your needs.
Why Aëla? As well as its sweet sounds, it’s the feminine form of “aël”, meaning “angel” from Brittany, a true celebration of angel hair. Together, with Aëla, we’re here to offer you tailor-made hair solutions that combine beauty and authenticity.
Kristell Duros, founder of Aëla

Simple, easy maintenance

A healthy solution,
natural solution

Perfect imitation
of the scalp

Immediate results
and completely undetectable

Fitting and removal in less than 30
seconds thanks to clips

Natural hair for
colouring, straightening, curling