How to deal with negative reactions?

How to deal with negative reactions ?

I met A. in November 2023. She’s a carer, dedicated to helping others, and has been living with severe alopecia for many years. This condition is painful, both in her flesh and in her soul. When I met her, she still hadn’t given up her beautiful hair.

We had many, many discussions. With A., I realised that self-love is essential if you want to make a volumizer your own. For A., exposure was gradual, because she wanted to go unnoticed by her close colleagues. The fear of others’ gaze and, above all, judgement weighed heavily.

After a few months, she was delighted to hear that she was now wearing her volumizer at work! However, it was incomprehensible to learn that one of her colleagues, who was also a carer, took great pleasure in making a derogatory and vexatious comment about her new appearance.

When A. told me about this, my first reaction was anger. How could anyone react like that? And in a medical environment, which is supposed to be at least benevolent?

My second reaction was incomprehension. How would this person react if it were her mother, sister or daughter? Would they laugh too?

A. has decided to keep the volumiser at work because her love for herself is more important than the vexation created by her colleague.

But what about you? How does this make you feel? How would you react to this type of behaviour? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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