Hair prostheses at work

The hair topper at work, my 1st time


I’m a very sensitive person, as we say at home, a “Marie pignousse” who cries easily from joy, fear, sadness and anticipation …. In short, if I don’t have a productive hair system, I’m lucky enough to have a lacrimal apparatus that’s in overdrive! So the day I arrived at work with my freshly tinted, personalised hair topper  (thanks Fred David 😉 in Albi city) my emotions and I were on edge….the fear of other people’s gaze is enormous, we lend thoughts to others that they don’t have! to put it plainly, just because you’re focusing on your head doesn’t mean that those around you are, your scalp is of interest only to you and only to you! on the other hand, others perceive your sensitivity, your embarrassment, your lack of confidence… generated by this lack of hair.

Apart from a few close colleagues who were in the know, my metamorphosis (from my point of view 😉 ) went off without a hint of questioning or inquisitive looks…!

I’ve had compliments on my new haircut and colour, and above all I’ve been told I look radiant after my week’s holiday.

Let’s face it… with 130% more hair it has a positive impact on your image and gives the impression of good health and vitality… and by the way it makes you look younger too!

I should point out that I worked with a majority of women and in fashion….the success of this moment lies in the choice and quality of the volumizer (or wig) the better the quality of the prosthesis, the more natural and undetectable the result.

And how did your 1st time go?…if it hasn’t happened yet, do you have any concerns?

See you soon!


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