How to deal with negative reactions ? I met A. in November 2023. She’s a carer, dedicated to helping others, and has been living with severe alopecia for many years. This condition is painful, both in her flesh and in her soul. When I met her, she still hadn’t given […]

How do you come to terms with alopecia? I met C. a few days ago at Chouchoute’s in Toulouse, and I’d like to thank her for these discussions and for her trust. Among other things, we talked about accepting alopecia.   Diagnosis: the first step towards acceptance In order to […]

Woman= long hair Historically, hair loss has long been associated mainly with men, leading to the erroneous perception that it is primarily a male problem. …as proof, how many have discovered the term female alopecia thanks to Mrs. Smith? And I think that’s the first part of the answer! There […]

Hair topper Aela

Discover Aëla Hair toppers : Natural solutions for all types of alopecia   Today, I’m delighted to introduce our flagship Aëla hair toppers models, designed with care and attention to offer not only undetectable aesthetics, but also comfort and confidence! My commitment is to offer you personalised solutions for every […]

Hair prostheses: Should you tell the people around you?   I don’t think you should have to do anything…. Do you tell the whole world when you have dentures or nails fitted? No, unless it makes you feel better and allows you to avoid any embarrassing questions! For my part, […]

Hair Topper at work

The hair topper at work, my 1st time   I’m a very sensitive person, as we say at home, a “Marie pignousse” who cries easily from joy, fear, sadness and anticipation …. In short, if I don’t have a productive hair system, I’m lucky enough to have a lacrimal apparatus […]