Why is women’s hair loss taboo in Europe?

Woman= long hair

Historically, hair loss has long been associated mainly with men, leading to the erroneous perception that it is primarily a male problem.

…as proof, how many have discovered the term female alopecia thanks to Mrs. Smith? And I think that’s the first part of the answer! There are few, if any, female representations in the media… because yes, we’ve been conditioned to have hair like a lioness, long, thick, curly eyelashes… and thick, shapely eyebrows.

The 2nd reason is the image associated with the disease and our relationship to it and to death…and yes! the word “cancer” is frightening and many people still think that it must be contagious…I won’t go into that in this post because I’m not a specialist in the subject, but I know that the disease isolates us…

The 3rd reason, which seems obvious to me, is that it’s underestimated because we think it becomes a problem when we have no hair at all… It is indeed, but as soon as there’s a thinning of the hair (often it starts on the top…) we should understand the reasons for it and take action.
The lack of awareness about this issue contributes to its being played down, because it’s not seen as a major concern…

What are the reasons? What do you think?
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